Free Spins: Spin More Slot Machine Reels at No Extra Cost!


In an effort to draw in more players to their platforms and keep the already registered members hooked, many online casinos offer promotions in the form of free spins on selected slot machine games. And from what we have seen in the New Zealand market, this is one of the most common bonuses especially since slot machines are the most popular gambling games for Kiwis.

If you’ve ever wanted to know anything about free spins, then you’re in the right place. In today’s review, analyzing free spins will be our primary focus to help you understand this offer better, how it works and the most popular terms and conditions that come with the offer.

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What are Free Spins?

As we all know, to play pokies online, you need to pay for every spin you take on a pokie machine. But if you are offered free spins, you will be able to spin the reels without the need for paying any real money.

And unlike the demo mode or free play mode in slot machines, you will still earn some real money rewards with every winning combination. Therefore, if the house offers you 20 Free spins, it means that you have 20 free turns to try your luck on a specified slot machine game and make some real money on the process.

How do Free Spins Work?

Unlike what many rookie Kiwis assume, it is not that complicated to understand how free spins work. For starters when you are awarded free spins, the house sets the maximum number of free spins you receive. Once you are done using them, you will have to pay for the next spin.

And by the way, these free spins shouldn’t be confused with the free spins that you receive as an in-game bonus when playing some slot machine games. With free spins bonus offers from casinos, you have the option to exit anytime you wish to, and when you come back, you can resume where you left off. Once you receive these free spins, there will be a notification display of how many free spins you are left as well as their respective value during gameplay.

Types of Free Spins

Just like any other bonus, free spins also come in many different forms, and the most common types for Kiwi casinos include;

Terms and Conditions of Free Spins

The following are the general terms and conditions that come with free spins across many of the Kiwi casinos out there:

Best Kiwi Online Casinos That Offer Free Spins

Some of the best online casinos that offer significant numbers of free spins in their welcome packages are as highlighted in the table below: