Progressive Slots: Million Dollar Payouts for Lucky Kiwis

Irrespective of the type of game we like to play, we all dream of that one lucky bet that will help us strike gold, don’t we? Moreover, depending on the game, you could earn anything from a few thousand bucks to millions of New Zealand dollars in a winning streak out of sheer luck! Well, among all the games you’ll find in Kiwi casinos, the most popular avenue towards the city of jackpots is through slot machines. And that’s why we are here today, to talk about jackpot slot machines. Let’s dig in!

What are Jackpot Slots?

Jackpots are the envy of any Kiwi gambler, especially if you like spinning reels online. In a nutshell, jackpot slots are slot machine games that come with a grand prize or a payout that’s much bigger than any other reward in the game.

Top Progressive Slots in New Zealand

Types of Jackpot Slots

If you browse through any lobby in a Kiwi casino that offers jackpot slots, you’ll notice that there are two main types of jackpot payouts that gamers can receive. They are classified as static (non-progressive) or progressive jackpot slots. Here’s a closer look at the two types;


While not all slots come with jackpots, static slots are just similar to run off the mill titles only that they come with the extra perk of a jackpot payout. The static jackpot payout, however, is usually pre-determined and never changes even when there have been several attempts. To win it one advantage of this slot is it often requires fewer wagers compared to the progressive ones. They are referred non-progressive since their fixed jackpot sum doesn’t increase.


These are the most enticing slots given their huge and ever-increasing jackpots that are always staring at eager gamers. In some cases, casinos tie multiple slot machines together for a bigger jackpot such that for every round played, the jackpot value increases. The slot machine or the house uses a fraction of the wager by the players and tops up the existing jackpot to make it grow by the minute.

However, when someone bags the jackpot, the game is reset to starts afresh with a minimum jackpot amount set to rise with subsequent plays. Compared to their static counterparts, these slots often require a slightly higher wager to qualify for betting on the jackpot payout. In most cases, players have to place the maximum wager to be eligible. Did you know that there are different types of progressive jackpot slots? In case you did not know, here are the four most popular classes of progressives;

Top Jackpot Slot Machines for Kiwis

Now that you’ve had your crash course about progressive jackpots, we trust that you are now ready to through your hat in the ring. If so, here’s a table representing some of the most rewarding titles for each of the five most prominent software providers in New Zealand;

Name of slotsSoftwareNo ReelsPaylinesRTPs
Retro Reels Extreme HeatMicrogaming53097.50 %
Mega JokerNetEnt54098.9%
Fruit Bat CrazyRival524395.22%
Hot SpiniSoftBet52096%
Good Girl Bad GirlBetSoft51597.8%

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Biggest Online Jackpot Wins in New Zealand

Most people, even the slot machine diehards in New Zealand often look at jackpots as dreams that can never come true. Well, see for yourself below and you’ll realize that real Kiwis have bagged massive payouts online. So, keep playing and if Lady Luck comes knocking on your door, you could be the next progressive jackpot winner!